Saturday, May 22, 2010

Le Petit Gateau..

the other day i went to a small dessert cafe just close by to my office during lunch break with my friend after our cafe vue visit. it's called le petit gateau, located at 458 little collins street, melbourne city. the very moment that i stepped into the shop, i wanted to try out their lovely desserts displayed at the display counter. and they do sell different kinds of really awesome and mouth watering cakes. well you can tell that i love desserts.

it's not a very spacious shop but definately a place to try out for desserts or probably get one of their cakes.

we've ordered the chocolate mousse to try out. the cookie crumbs on top, layers of cream and mousse at the bottom and with some baileys liqour if i'm not mistaken. it was really yummylicious. the mousse was so smooth and together with the crunchiness of the cookie crumbs. i was like a happy kid at that moment. :) even the customer sitting beside us was asking what was it that we ordered. it looks interesting. i bet it was! love it!


hikari* said...

Ooh I have wanted to visit this place too! MMMM MMMM.

Mel said...

yes you shouldl definately try it out sometime. but they are not open during weekends. ><

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