Saturday, May 29, 2010

Shout Out..

i've been writing for quite a while now. i've been constantly looking through on my changes that i made in my blogging style. i think i've done myself proud on the improvement so far. i wish i could do better. so it seems like i need some feedback on what i'm sharing. because i honestly have no idea on how interesting my blog is doing at the moment. thanks for the comments posted by some of my friends. it's really a booster for me to keep going. undeniably, i love food and love writing and sharing about it. by any chance, mind to spare some comments for me, probably apart from the capslock on wordings, i'm hopeless with that. i wanted to change it the other day, but somehow i felt that i wanted to keep the originality of me. probably change of background? more information on prices? more photos? change of format?

thanks for all the support anyways.



Woo Hsian said...


It's fun to read your blog and I think you have the talent to make food sound so delicious =)

I do tend to read reviews before jumping at a restaurant and these are the things I look for in a articles in a food review website:
- Overall rating by the reviewer (either number of stars/percentage/1 to 10 scale, etc). I trust amateur reviewer rating much more than newspaper journalists and pros.
- Any awards the place won
- Quickly point out what type of food is served
- Average price to look at spending
- Location by area
This is the direction I would head if I would want to attract more readers =)

As a personal opinion I like the way you write and the pictures you take. However, I notice you tend to comment that the food you eat are almost always good. Maybe u need to be more daring and criticize the food without insult. You'd be surprised people are more waiting to read that food is bad rather than good. Haha.

Above all, keep up the good work =)

Mel said...

thanks so much for the long comment and really appreciate it! i hope i can do better and hope that you guys enjoy reading it too..

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