Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cafe Vue..

the other day i went for a quick lunch at cafe vue! i was so happy to try it out at the cafe and i love it. it's at 430 little collins street, between queen and willian street. sorry for the low quality of photos this time cause i took them with my phone and the background was red. talking about the background, it's a small, bit of quirkyness, luxurious, trendy looking cafe. very relaxing and it's nice place to have a quick catch up with friends and enjoy some nice food there. the service was really good as well.

finally i stepped into cafe vue.

i had the duck cassoulet jaffle. it's basically a toasted sandwich with duck and beans. that's all i can guess on with the ingredients inside. it was crispy outside and keeping the inside moist. love the salad. it was so refreshing and blended the flavours really well.

my friend had the yorkshire pudding, with roast wagyu beef and potato mash and gravy. definately two thumbs up for this. the pudding was so soft and flavoursome and the beef was so tender and juicy that it just melts in your mouth when you eat it. the potato mash was really nice too. the serving is rather small but the attention to detail on every aspects of the food is really impressive. i want more!


Tarnos said...

Wah the lighting there very merah ah hehehe. The dishes sounds very complicated. I want to eat their degustation. But need to book few months in advance! lol.

Mel said...

i want too!! can't wait to try it out. let's book a table!

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