Saturday, May 22, 2010

Red Elephant Thai Restaurant..

the other day i had a girls night out to a thai restaurant, it's called red elephant thai restaurant at 332 burwood road, hawthorn, 3122. the atmosphere of the restaurant is great, red/orange colour background. it was packed with people when we arrived, maybe cause it was a weekend night. price range from $15 to $30 per dish. serving is not really huge, but it was fine for a few girls to share. there's quite a varieties of dishes to choose from on the menu. from spicy to non spicy ones.

we've ordered the stir fried chicken with vegetables and cashew nuts. it was pretty good, great home cooked style of dish.

i love this one! it's the spicy soft shell crab. it tasted really delicious, the crab was slightly deep fried and then stir fried with vegetables and some sauces. absolutely awesome.

we've also ordered the beef salad. authentic salad dish in thai restaurant. there was bit of sourness and spicyness added, and it went well together with rice.

this is the chicken yellow curry. classic dish and it was pretty good. not too spicy but it was just right. it was awesome to have it together with rice. we've also ordered the green curry. i'm a huge fan of green curry and i enjoyed myself eating it. i should say the price was bit expensive and personally prefer to have other vegetables added into the dishes apart from carrots and capsicums. then again, it was a nice meal.

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