Sunday, April 4, 2010

Bushaw & Hooey Cafe..

the other day i went to have a quick lunch with a friend during my lunch time and we headed to little bourke street, a quirky and retro kind of cafe restaurant called bushaw & hooey, it's at little bourke street, melbourne. you can find that it's really small but very cosy environment. there's not many varieties on the menu and the price ranges around 15 dollars.

i tried the chicken and mushroom risotto, and i have to say that it was the best risotto i've tried so far. it's really rich and flavoursome, but yet not overwhelming. it was really awesome!

my friend had their chicken sandwich with potato wedges. i think it is their in house special. it was pretty average and bit too dry. overall i had a great time enjoying the environment there and nice place for gatherings. sorry that i got the name of the cafe wrongly before that!

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