Friday, April 23, 2010

Han Guuk Guan..

one of the famously known korean restaurant in melbourne city is han guuk guan. it's at 13a, victoria street, melbourne. it's near the corner of exhibition street. they serve really generous portion with reasonable price. alot of students like to dine there. i went there a few times and i brought along visitors to try out too and they love it! their 'zha jiang mian' is quite famous too but i haven't tried it before. let me know if it's good.

anyway there were only three of us and we were greedy enough to order three dishes with rice and with free side dishes as well.

we had the sweet potato noodles. for me, it was cooked in more of chinese flavour. i've tried the more authentic ones at other place. but still it was good with lots of ingredients, i think it's vegeterian.

nice and hot kimchi stew. it's not a huge serve, and it comes together with a bowl of rice. it was pretty good.

lastly we also had a huge plate of sweet and spicy fried chicken. it was really a massive portion for just the three of us. but guess what, we managed to finish the whole plate cause it was really yummy! two thumbs up for this dish. all in all, we paid for around $60 for the three of us and with really full tummy.

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