Sunday, March 28, 2010


i've found another place to head to for a cup of coffee and desserts to chill out. it's nowhere new, it's brunetti. you can find the one along swanston street, 214 flinders lane. it's open till 12 midnight during fridays and saturdays. if not you can head to lygon street, there's another shop at 194-204 faraday street, carlton. they have lots of choices from gelato, cakes, biscuits, sandwiches and of course coffee and tea. casual environment to have a catch up with friends or maybe a light high tea session with a book during the lazy weekends.

i've tried the custard tart, opera and chocolate mousse. the mousse was yummy!! love that one. as for opera, i guess the ones from lindt is nicer. custard tart was too sweet for me. love the environment there.


Anonymous said...

tsk tsk..makes me drool, woman =)


Mel said...

great thing about it, is that it's not expensive and you can find something light. let's have a cup of coffee sometime.

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