Monday, April 19, 2010

Coco Lounge..

i've been busy with work and studies lately but the best cure is definately food. i've been to coco lounge, at 93 kingsway, glen waverley for early breakfast. anyway the menu in coco lounge is rather similar to the one is mocha jo's. they also have a lounge upstairs for drinks. love the environment and design of the place. it has a cosy feel when i stepped into the restaurant.

alot of varieties there.. took me a while to digest all of them.

the best! freshly squashed orange juice. good healthy choice to start out my day.

or probably you can go for a cup of hot latte. it's rather average.

hot pancakes with bacon and egg. well it's a good choice if you're after something other than bread.

if i'm not mistaken this is the eggs begs with extra mushrooms at the side. chef's recommendation according to the menu.

my friend had the atlantic smoked salmon with poached eggs on toast. looks delicious indeed. i guess it's a better choice for a lighter breakfast.

this is what i had. starvin marvin. looks like a huge serve but it was still alright. there was mushrooms, tomato, spinach, bacon, sausages and fried eggs. i personally think that it's too oily. the sauce was pretty good in balancing out the flavours. overall i still enjoyed myself having a nice meal at coco lounge. lately i've been exploring quite a few places for nice breakfast and so far i still love mart 130.


Anonymous said...

woman, to read ur updates coz i hardly got the opportunity to explore eastern suburbs =)eggs beg with extra mushrooms looks yummy!and the orange juice, make me wana go safeway n grab a bottle of it !


Mel said...

i'm happy reading your comments too! thanks for the support! orange juice was really fresh though! go grab one. haha!

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