Friday, April 23, 2010

Hog's Breath Cafe..

i'm thinking about sweet stuff at the moment. so i shall share with you a nice place for dessert, it's actually a nice place for steak as well. it's hog's breath cafe, in fact it's an australian chain of steak house restaurants. i had my first time in brisbane and i was overwhelmed with the nicely cooked steak. i guess i wasn't a fan of steak before that, cause i haven't tried really nice steak before back in malaysia. so it was definately unforgettable moment for me. there are a few around melbourne, the one which i normally go to is at 699 warrigal road, chadstone, vic 3148.

this is the hoggies loaded potato skin the classic. this one is really interesting and yummy! it has crispy grilled bacon, melted cheddar cheese with honey sweet chilli sauce. $11.95 for that.

their famously known 18 hrs slow cooked prime rib steaks. remember to get the medium cooked one for traditional cut of 300g, cause it'll definately taste awesome with the tenderness and juicyness of the steak. this is with calamari rings, hog tail fries and vegetables. $32.95.

this is the lite cut of blackened prime rib, it's coated with the in-house blackened seasoning with adds a strong flavour to it. it costs $21.95 with extra pepper sauce of $2.

the reason for the lite cut steak is for the beloved dessert, the mississippi mud cake for $8.50. honestly the mud cake is just mouth watering. there's no reason to say no to this awesome dessert. it comes with hot chocolate sauce, vanilla ice-cream and fresh cream. putting a piece of cake with the sauce and ice cream into your mouth, it'll just complete the whole meal with a totally prefect ending note. i'm missing that lots!


adrian said...

you are getting good at taking food photos~lol

Mel said...

yay!! i'm trying my best to improve but somehow i find it really hard to take a good one under dim lightings.

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