Saturday, April 10, 2010

Fishmonger Seafood Restaurant..

the other day my sis recommended us to fishmonger cafe restaurant, it's located at 66a doncaster road, balwyn north. the seafood there was so yummy, absolutely mouth-watering. i was taking photos during the whole dinner and i felt awkward when the waitress asked me if i was a photographer. opss.. but the waitresses are really helpful and friendly. no doubt that they have really good service. nice and quiet environment with delicious seafood. main dishes price range around $20 per plate. the price is quite reasonable for seafood.

their menu. they even had a short story about their restaurant and how it was started.

firstly we had entree. it's fried calamari with garlic bread. the calamari was so fresh and tender and it was fried to perfection. honestly i haven't tried such good fried calamari before. it's different from what we normally have. absolutely love it! the garlic bread was really good too, crispy and flavoursome but not too oily. fantastic way to start a meal.

dad had the seafood pealla. and i should say that it was really delicious, the seafood was alot in there too. good value for money. and he enjoyed the meal so much.

i tried barramundi the greek. it's spiced grilled and topped with chunks of fetta cheese served on a bed of capsicum rice. love the rice alot, it's really light and refreshing. the fish was so fresh and sweet, can't taste the fishy smell at all. went really well with the rice.

we had a plate of half dozen grilled tiger prawns with half cooked with peri-peri sauce and half cooked with cajun sauce. the peri-peri one is the best! i think the sauce is one of the in-house specialities. it has bit of spicyness to it, and the flavour just blends really well together with the prawns. and of course also to mention how fresh and huge are the tiger prawns. totally amazing! mouth watering even just thinking about it.

sis had the grilled hake with vegetables. simple and healthy meal. there are a varieties of fish that you can select from. just mix and match with your own preference and of course the waitress can do the recommendation too.

we also ordered half a dozen of cheese baked scallops to share. well for me, this was just average. although the scallops were really fresh, the flavour was too mild. probably cause the other dishes tasted really flavoursome.

mum had the baked curry sweet lip snapper. it is baked in a wrapped aluminium foil. but sadly it was kind of tasteless for this one. probably cause we are so used to malaysian kind of strong curry flavour.

we also had chicken parmagiana with chips and salad. it tasted really yummy too! the chicken was fried right on the spot, so the meat was kept tender and with the thick layer of cheese on top, it can be a really fulfilling meal. for the whole meal we paid for around $180 for 5 people.


Anonymous said...

*drools* The price is quite alrite yea for so much food =D


Mel said...

yea with the quality and freshness of the seafood, it's definately worthwhile with the price.

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