Monday, April 5, 2010

Nobu Japanese Restaurant..

happy easter everyone! had lots of easter bunnies? for me, i was happy like a little kid cause i was finally there in nobu. it's located at lower level, 8 whiteman street, southbank, inside the crown entertainment plaza. it's a famous japanese restaurant in town. the service was awesome and with the food, absolutely perfect and well balanced. i was totally blown away by it, not because it's 'nobu'. oh okay, probably it is cause it's a branded restaurant. well they serve japanese peruvian fusion food, so the menu is really interesting and innovative.

we were seated at the bar and lounge area for some drinks before getting our seats downstairs. lucky enough to get a table without a booking for a public holiday. or you can have some tapas at that area with some drinks to chill out. it was really cool how all the waiters and waitresses greeted us when we went downstairs. looking through the menu, we've ordered one entree, two mains with rice and also one dessert.

for entree, we've ordered the salmon tataki with karashi su miso. i just simply rolled the salmon with the spring onion inside and with some of the sauce. the flavour just blossomed in my mouth. not too sure what is in the sauce, but it was definately yummy with a bit of spicyness, probably some wasabi.

this is the tempura baby tiger prawns with creamy spicy sauce. we actually wanted to ordered the tempura dinner but thanks to the waiter that introduced us to try this one instead. it was a good choice, the flour coatings was not too much and you can taste the freshness of the prawns.

the highlight of the dinner. undeniably the signature dish that they have, the black cod with miso. the miso sauce has this sweetness and at the same time balanced up with bit of saltiness. the black cod was cooked perfectly, and the fish was just soft and fresh. it just melts in your mouth with all the flavours blended so well together. it went really well with the rice as this dish has a strong after taste. you can have the ginger pickles after that to cleanse the after taste in your mouth.

for dessert, we tried the tofu cheesecake with green tea crumble, berry compote and tuile. the tofu cheesecake is so soft and fluffy that you can't realise there's tofu in it. it's a really interesting one and the best part is the it's not too sweet. love it! all in all, we paid for $120 for the dinner. great experience!


Anonymous said...

I have to say i adore the cod fish n salmon tataki...just divine =)

n seems like u've been indulged in so much good food recently *drools again*


Mel said...

food is the best cure for stress. =) and i should say it's truly indulgence having nobu.

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