Saturday, March 13, 2010

SUT Korean BBQ Restaurant..

i'm a korean food fan as well. absolutely love kimchi. last few weeks i went to SUT korean bbq restaurant, 970-972 whitehorse road, box hill, vic 3128. Su:t means charcoal in korean and as the most certainly not your average suburban restaurant. Su:t offers a traditional korean cruisine in a modern designed setting. the service was really attentive and looking after every small details. food wise, it was pretty good too, slightly pricey but large servings.

as entree, you get free soup too. it was like pumpkin soup, and it tasted great. good way to warm up your tummy before the meal.

and of course you get free appertizers and best part is you get your own serving, don't have to share with others and you can always ask for more of them. fantastic!

you also get a huge bowl of salad at the side to share. and you'll get to ask for more of that too!

my favourite kimchi chigae soup. lots of ingredients in the soup, but for my preference, it was not concentrated enough.

this is the beef bulgogi with vegetables. it was really a huge serving. it had a strong peppery after taste. slightly different taste as compared to the ones we normally eat. i still like that too. i felt really full after the meal. it was about $60 for the dishes and rice that we had. i saw other tables eating the bbq, it looked awesome too. will try that some other time.

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