Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reaun Thai Restaurant..

a couple weeks ago i went try out a thai restaurant at Mount Waverley, it's called Reaun Thai Restaurant at 323 Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley. it's a small restaurant, rather quiet atmosphere. looking through the menu, i was tempted to order the usuals. however, we did end up with some interesting ones. yet, the servings was quite small. most of the main dishes are around $20 per plate. it's considered as slightly pricey thai restaurant.

something to start out with. fried won tons with sweet chilli sauce. nice presentation.

my favourite! tom yum soup with chicken. it was pretty delicious. the flavour was concentrated and strong sour taste but not spicy enough.

green curry with chicken. very nice to eat together with the rice. the coconut milk made it really creamy and smooth.

sweet and spicy prawns. it would be great if they used fresh prawns.

fried barammundi fish with in house sweet and spicy sauce. i enjoyed eating this one. the sauce just added on the flavour of the fish. even though it was fried, you can't really tell the oilyness.


Anonymous said...

speaking of thai restaurant, a new thai restaurant has opened at spring st(corner of latrobe) n i hav tried twice. food was reasonably priced and the portions were generous! but..they were so spicy!!! i think little T would enjoy it alot...i totally recommend it to u guys =)


Mel said...

thanks san for the recommendation! i'm definately going to try that out with her sometime next week. i'll let you know how it goes.

hikari* said...

Hey I have been there before!!! I thought it was not bad mm-mm. But try Windows on the Bay at Mordialloc. It is not bad at all!

Mel said...

thanks for the recommendation too! more places to try out. happy to know.

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