Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Cupcakes fever..

i've been having a bit of cupcake fever lately. there are a few cupcakes shops around. it'll just make me happier whenever i have one. something to cheer me up when i'm down or stress. well i should say it's suppose to be easy to make your own cupcake, but unfortunately i haven't done it before. i shall work on that soon and definately will share with you when i do. i should say buying cupcakes from the shops is bit of luxury indulgence, cause it's kinda pricey. health wise, there's lots of sugar contains, not good for everyday consumption. however, i'm happy to do it once in a while.

the one at melbourne central, the cupcake bakery. this shop originated from sydney. i had it once when i was sydney and was so happy when i knew that they are opening in melb cause i brought back the cupcakes all the way form sydney. :P

the cupcake family at QV central. absolutely win my heart. love the shop design, the packaging, and the cupcakes! totally in love..

look how many varieties they have there. the berry moon and green tea are my fav. the berry moon has chocolate base and with raspberry toppings. the chocolate base is simply fantastic. they have slight bitterness with the chocolate which i love. one interesting one is the blueberry cheesecake. it's really good too! presentation wise, two thumbs up!

little cupcakes that i had recently. it's the same one along degraves street and another one which is close to my workplace along bourke street. there are lots of flavours there too.

i bought only four flavours from little cupcake. mint choc, white chocolate, orange choc and carrot. i should say the chocolate base isn't as good as the ones i had in the cupcake family. however, the good thing is that it doesn't taste too sweet. i've tried the mint choc, it was just right, the mint flavour wasn't too strong to overpower the chocolate flavour. lovely touch with the decoration too.


Anonymous said...

hav u tried their durian flavored one? v nice..n it run out quickly too =D


Mel said...

thanks san! will go and check that out when i have the chance.. durian flavour, that will be interesting.

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