Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Heat Beads Hawkers Market..

yesterday i went to the heat beads hawkers market at Queen Victoria Market. it's one of the event uner the melbourne food and wine festival 2010. i'm keen to write about this event so that you can still catch up with the event tomorrow night. it's open for 3 days from monday to wednesday with two sessions, 6pm-8pm and 8.30pm-10.30pm. you can get 4 plates of meals with $48 entrance ticket per adult. i went with a few friends, so we ended up sharing our vouchers and lucky enough to try most of the favourite food. there are quite a few stalls to choose from and all of them serving their best signature dishes.

this is the japanese chicken skewers. it tasted good, but not enough. can i have more please?!

the fried baby mussels with egg and bean sprout. authentic hawkers food in malaysia. it was delicious eating it with the hot chilli.

this is my fav of the night. 'ikan panggang', it's grilled fish with pandan leaves, if i'm not mistaken. the curry flavour of seasonings with fresh and moist fish inside, adding some lemon juice to it would be great.

curry laksa.. lack of a bit of spice there.

vietnamese fried spring rolls and beef sausage.

roti canai with some curry sauce. love it!

vietnamese beef noodles. it was delicious! the soup was superb.

japanese okonomiyaki with sweet potato at the side. nice one too!

chinese dumplings. i miss the ones from bob's kitchen.

banana fritters with sparkles. it was rather interesting one! i was happy like a kid when i saw the sparkles. thankfully i managed to take a shot with one hand.

bubur chacha dessert.

and with some entainment music for you to enjoy with the lovely food.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mel,

I am glad that you had a good time at the hawker market. Sorry that I didn't make it. Looks like there are plenty more food choice compared to those listed on the webpage. We shall catch up soon.

Ming Chu

Mel said...

Thanks Ming Chu. We'll catch up again soon. I'll remember to ask you out if i'm going some place new.

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