Sunday, November 7, 2010


Remember that I've shared about La Renaissance before that? This is actually a unique french restaurant opened by the same owner, the Charkos family. It's called Baroque at the Rocks. Anyway I went there with Jen and two other friends for a joint birthday celebration without knowing where we were heading to. Thanks for the little surprise.

 Some fresh homemade bread to start out the meal. It saved me from having gastric problem cause we actually waited for ages before the food was served.

Finally our entree arrived. To be honest I don't remember what was this dish called. Something like foie gras. Sorry but I didn't really know how to enjoy this.

Confit duck legs with grilled leeks and cucumber for Jen. Great presentation and some great flavours there. The portion was not enough for him. $29

I had the barramundi with eggplant caviar and piperrada. The barramundi was cooked nicely and kept the moisture of the meat, with the crsipy skin on top. The sides just added on more flavours into it. $29

Confit shoulder of Bangalow sweet pork. Great presentation and the pork was cooked just right. $29

Dessert time! I've ordered the Voltaire. It's vanilla cheesecake with mixed berries wrapped in white chocolate. How pretty is that. It did taste as good as the look. $13

Jen had the Zulu, it's 72% chocolate mousse, ganache with salted caramel and chocolate biscuit base, finished with a mini chocolate macaron on top. Rich and creamy chocolate mousse. Yum! $13

Blood orange souffle with Valrhona chocolate sorbet and macaron. It was awesome! Soft and fluffy and my friend enjoyed that. $16 

Ratings: 7/10
Address: 88 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000


chocolatesuze said...

those desserts look freaking awesome!

Mel said...

the desserts did taste as good as the look. i'm going to try the souffle next time.

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