Thursday, November 25, 2010

GoodLife Modern Organic Pizza..

I was away last week. Jen and I went to Adelaide! It was my first time there and I didn't get to do much in the city cause we spent most of our time in Kangaroo Island. Anyway the first night that I arrived in Adelaide, I had dinner with a friend there and we went to try out Good Life Modern Organic Pizza. Thanks for the nice recommendation and I loved it! Very nice and cosy restaurant. We were seated at the backyard area and it felt really homey. Great attentive service from the moment we stepped into the restaurant. 

Well I have to mention that their organic pizza means that they are from a method sustainable farming that works with nature, without the use of fertilisers and pesticides. That means better in taste! According to their information on their menu, all their pizza bases are prepared by SA's own laucke organic flour, filtered water, fresh yeast and aged more than 24 hours.

Well as you can see, they've won quite a few best pizza awards for the past few years. It means that they are really good. I was so excited when I was looking through the menu.

It was really dark in there and we only had the little candle light on the table. This is the best photo I can get. Luckily my friend helped me with this too. Anyway we've ordered two pizzas to share, the swiss brown mushrooms which is on the right and free ranged roasted duck on the left. The swiss brown mushrooms was marinated in organic balsamic vinegar with an organic lemon aioli garnish. Yum! The pizza base was definately awesome, the juicyness of the fresh mushrooms blended together so well with the garnish on top. With the roasted duck pizza, there was also shitake mushrooms and spring onion ginger jam. This pizza had a punch of asian flavours in there and surprisingly it was really good. The duck was roasted until crispy. Can't stop myself from having more.

Ratings: 9/10
Address: 170 Hutt Street, Adelaide, South Australia.

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