Friday, November 12, 2010

Housewarming party..

Here's just to share a lovely housewarming party by my dearest friend, Winnie in Sydney which had a theme of Malaysian hawker's food. It was totally brilliant and all the guests were full and satisfied, from main course to desserts. I've made bubur chacha for the party too.

Fried vermicelli which was totally delicious!

Ta da! The homemade satays made by her fiance.

Yes he was cooking right on the spot at the balcony. Fresh and juicy tender meat.. yum!

I have to mention about the peanut sauce that he made from scratch. Absolutely mouth watering! Can we have more please? 

Yummy fried chicken wings. Somehow I seldom have homemade chicken wings, cause I normally make grilled chicken wings instead. So of course I was enjoying it lots! 

Beef curry.. Thick creamy and spicy curry.

Fried won tons. Her signature dish and it was damn good! 

Can you imagine they prepare all these themselves? Thanks for the awesome hawkers food. They were totally superb! Maybe I should ask for the recipes to share with you. Anyway have great weekend guys!

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OMG, u hav changed the background! LOVE it =)


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