Wednesday, August 25, 2010

La Renaissance Patisserie Shop..

I was lucky enough to explore this little patisserie shop at The Rocks with my dear sister and friends. It's called La Renaissance Patisserie at The Rocks. Yes it's in Sydney! Finally I'm writing about Sydney. Please do get excited together with me while I'm sharing this with you. Cause it just cheered me up by just looking at the photos.

My birthday cake. Isn't it pretty? It's made of passionfruit and raspberry. Don't remember what is the name of it though. It has a sourish after taste, it would be a nice combination if you're having something really sweet.

And with macarons as well. I'm not a fan of macarons but it was really nice, totally yummylicious.

The chocolate cake is called Zulu, with rich chocolate mousse and macaron biscuit and chocolate biscuit base. You'll like it if you're a huge chocolate fan. I did! Next to it is mini cheesecake mousse. Soft and fluffy.

This is Passion de Pierre. A layer of light, creamy passionfruit mousse and raspberry jelly. It was really sour for this one. Not my personal preference.

Classic cheesecake. With additional macaron as well. It was nice and moist but I think it was just average.

For chocolate lovers, this is called Tranche au Chocolate. Chocolate ganache with layers of flourless chocolate biscuit sponge and pistachio nuts. For me, it's a "to-die-for". I think it's something like Opera House in Lindt, or perhaps better than that. And also the blackcurrant macaroon. *love*

Creme Brulee. It was awesome! Totally creamy, rich in flavours, moist and just melts in your mouth.

Lots of desserts that just melts my heart with great company, lovely environment and nice weather. Nothing beats that kind of happiness. The price of the cakes ranges from $5.50-$9 and macarons are $10 per 100g, each macaron is about 20-25g. It's bit pricey i should say, however, definately worth a visit. A new found place that I will recommend to friends that visit Sydney.

Ratings: 9/10
Address: 47 Argyle Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000


Anonymous said...

gorgeous bring me there


Mel said...

Definately will!

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