Saturday, December 18, 2010

Zhu Mama Taiwanese Restaurant..

There's a bit of Taiwan fever among my friends at the moment. I've been looking at different sorts of yummylicious taiwanese food photos lately. Well there's one taiwanese shop at Chinatown called Zhu Mama that I went to try out with sissy. We've only ordered for some snacks, so I'm definately going back again to check out on other items.

Sis had the vermicelli soup, it tasted bit different from the ones that I've tried before. Nevertheless, it was really nice, warm and comforting soup to have.

I've also ordered the warm soya bean drink. 

And also xiao long bao. The moment you bite into the bun, the soup inside the bun just flowed out gradually. The skin was fairly thicker than usual. Would have been better if it's thinner and smoother.  Very looking forward to go Taiwan to have a feast! Anyways I'm getting hungry now.

Ratings: 6/10
Address: Shop1-4, 86-88 Dixon Street, Sydney NSW 2000


MelbaToast said...

Those dumplings are making me hungry! I LOVE xiao long bao so much.

Lil said...

I'm going to Taiwan in less than a week!
Looking forward to it!

Mel said...

Melbatoast: yes me too! i had my best ones in melb! oh boy i miss that!

Lil: wow, that's really awesome! have fun there and looking forward to read about taiwan posts. :)

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