Sunday, December 12, 2010

Masterchef Live Event..

After watching two series of Masterchef and one series of Junior Masterchef, I'm definately one that is totally hooked by the show. The love, passion and talent in food by the contestants are just admiring. Following the series, and looking at the growth of the contestants in the show is just amazing. I felt so empty after the show ended. It also encouraged me to venture more into cooking and baking. I've attempted the black forest cake before and it turned out unsuccesfully. *sad* Oh and I'm a huge fan of Marion and Adam in series 2. So I saw this advertisement through Ticketek that they are organising a Masterchef live event in Sydney and off I bought the tickets. Can't wait and so exciting!

It was at Moore Park which is at the other side of the bridge, it was an early start for the day. Off we go!

 Legendary logo at the main entrance.

 Lots of different stalls with samples and great products for sale.

 The one hour live theatre show hosted by Matt Preston, Gary Mehigan and George Calombaris had hands-on selected audiences to the stage to cook, masterchef class, insights of the show, fun, fun and more fun!

 Guests on the show were Donna Hay, Adam and Marion! They are looking great and best of all, Adam's restaurant is opening in April 2011. How exciting news is that?!

Cooking demos, pressure tests by the audiences and judging time. It was absolutely great fun and I've enjoyed the whole show.

 Anna Gare at one of the demonstration theatre.

 Proud sponsor of the show, Coles had a huge stand there and ex-contestants, Courtney, Alvin and Jimmy were there to demonstrate cooking and they tried really hard to answer all the audiences' questions.

 Other than that, there were lots of fresh products for sale and samples to try.

Organic chips. 

 Fresh coffee beans.

Varieties of fresh breads.

Chocolate dipped strawberries. They looked gorgeous and mouth-watering.

 More cooking skills and tips to share by the celebrity chefs.

 Signing event by the three judges.

 Kylie Kwong sharing her thoughts.

 Hands-on cupcake decorating demostration.

 There's a junior masterchef stand for the kids as well.

 For lunch we had Charlie & co wagyu burger for $10. Yum! I'm not a fan of beetroot, but it was really delicious and I didn't taste the strong beetroot flavour at all.

 And chilli sausage roll for $8.

 I'm definately going to their stall at Westfield to eat that again. *slurps*

 More stands outside the Royal Hall of Industries.

 Sunbeam sponsor stand with hands-on cooking demonstrations by Skye Craig.

 Oh I met Alvin in real person!

 Adriano Zumbo, the legendary pastry chef in the show, was giving out tips in piping skills when baking.

He was telling us that you just need to practice and practice to master the skills and getting the consistency that you want.

Lastly a Merry Christmas tree with macarons for you. I really think that the event was really good, letting the audiences getting up close with the chefs behind the screen, sharing the basic skills and tips in cooking and baking, encouraging people to know more about food and cooking, exposing the audiences with the real effort that is given by the well known chefs in real person, and to know more about different food products and cooking utensils. It was really an awesome festival of cooking event and I had lots of fun!


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Looks like a fantastic food-filled day. And yes, that Masterchef logo shrug is so famous!

chocolatesuze said...

nawww that pic of you and alvin is so cute :D

Mel said...

Helen: it was great fun getting up close with the chefs and food sampling..

Suze: thank you and we have matching glasses too. *blush*

catty said...

I haven't been following Oz MasterChef but it looks like everyone else on the planet has! What fun! And that Charlie & Co burger looks delish!

Mel said...

Catty: that's okay for not following cos i've got heaps of friends who don't and whenever i start to talk about it, they'll be looking at me blankly. haha! oh yes the charlie & co burger was brilliant!

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

I had a great time the day that I visited! I wasn't tall enough to get a shot of the Masterchef logo! :P

Simon Food Favourites said...

great recap :-) the contestants were really nice to take photos with everyone.

Mel said...

Loarraine: nice to know that you had fun there as well. oh yes, i think i wasn't that tall to get a really good view as well. haha!

Simon: thanks! the contestants were really friendly and down to earth. it was great fun.

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