Friday, December 3, 2010

Adelaide Visit..

During my trip to Adelaide, I've been to few places around the city and Kangaroo Island and here's a little summary on the the food that I've came across. Weather in Adelaide was really similar to Melbourne's weather. The architecture of the buildings around the city really attracted my interest, keeping the British colonial heritage. Anyway first place was definately the Adelaide central market. I've read about this market in GrabYourFork before and it was definately a place worth a visit.  

Lots of deli choices to choose

Fresh vegetables and fruits

 Fresh fine foods

 Different kind of cheeses

Like it how they design the stall, attracts more people.

 Fresh breads for sale. They really looked so fresh and yummy.

 Or maybe hang out at the cafe for a cuppa coffee.

 Sandwiches or salads for lunch?

Chocolates.. handmade ones!

 Breakfast at one of the cafes in Rundle mall. It was just normal.

 Smoked salmon omelette with rocket salad in balsamic dressing.  

 Lunch at Chinatown food court. Teriyaki chicken with salad.

 Bread crumbed fish and chips at Kangaroo Island Seafood Restaurant in Kingscote.

 Seafood basket. Fresh and nicely fried.

Finally some chinese food. You have no idea how much I missed that after my Kangaroo Island trip. Sweet and sour pork ribs. 

 Fried pumpkin with salted eggs. It was totally mouth-watering, yum!

 And of course dessert time as well. We went to this dessert cafe at 158 Gouger Street, Adelaide.

Glutinous rice balls in black glutinous rice dessert. 


chocolatesuze said...

zomg fried pumpkin with salted egg???? i want i want!!

Fung said...

You should tried the different ham at central's yummy!!! :)

Mel said...

suze: it was the first time trying out fried pumpkin with salted egg, surprisingly it was yummylicious. haha!

fung: hmm.. forgot to ask you about that. haha! anyways had great time there.

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