Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Picnic..

Last Saturday, I've attended Sydney Food Bloggers Xmas Picnic hosted by Suze and Helen at Moore Park. Funny thing was that it took me a while to find the crowd cause I didn't know anyone and the whole park is huge. Didn't have any numbers to call and I don't have twitter. Time to get one! Well it was my very first time to join in a bloggers' event. I have to admit that I was kind of nervous when I just arrived. Thankfully that everyone was really welcoming and friendly. It was real fun meeting up with some of the bloggers that I'm actively following. It was a shame that I didn't take many photos during the picnic. My bad! But there were lots of food, from savoury to sweets. From the very popular ribs that I didn't get my hands on by Billy to the awesomely colourful macaron christmas tree by Cleony.

This is only part of it. Believe it or not!

Food bloggers, picnic rugs, food, cameras and one common language.

Food from east to west. I guess my curry puff was not enough for the day. Lol.

The cute strawberry santas by Ayana and lovely xmas tree. 

Love the cheesebread from Tammi.

Huge plate of white chocolate wontons by John.

 Absolutely a piece of art there by Cleony. Everyone was so excited to see the macaron tower. Sharing the christmas love.

I've tried the raspberry one and it was thumbs up! Great effort.

I was also extra lucky to get pick on to join in the bloggers olympics event, go Tinsel Twos with RhondaJoshua and Minh!  Next up was kris kringle event which had a little twist to it. We got the chance to steal someone else's unwrapped present. It was great fun and there were a few hot items going around on and on. I've received a cute set of cupcakes themed envelopes.

p's Thanks heaps to Helen and Suze for organising the event. It was great fun and meeting both of them in person. It was really nice meeting up with Monica in real person and had a nice chat. . Thanks Sneh for the company during our bus ride, if not I'm sure I'll be lost somewhere in the woods. :)  The very first person that was introduced to me was Mel. What a coincidence. Hope to see everyone again!


Monica ^o^ said...

hiya Mel, it was lovely to meet you too in person ^_^ Maybe we'll bump into each other in IKEA Rhodes LOL

MelbaToast said...

Great post of a great afternoon! It was so lovely to meet the other bloggers and I'm loving reading all the posts from the picnic. I joined twitter after I got home from the picnic...it seems to be the best way to keep up with all the other bloggers (once I figure out what I'm doing that is)!

Mel said...

Monica: do pop by and maybe we can have coffee. ^^

Melbatoast: same, I'm still trying to figure out how to use twitter. lol.

Anonymous said...

Hi name twin!!!! :D

Hope you had a good time at the picnic! It was only my 2nd blogger event, but I remember being really nervous going to my first one. Everyone was so friendly though! :)

If you get a twitter, friend me! I'm crunchytiger on there as well!


chocolatesuze said...

teehee great to finally meet you in person dude thanks so much for coming!

Mel said...

Mel: i know! yay! just signed up on twitter. haha!

Suze: no worries. thanks for organising!

Simon Food Favourites said...

love the shot of that macaron tower. it looks like such a treat! :-)

Tambourine said...

Those ribs were so awesome, but I missed out on the strawberry santas!! Your curry puffs were so yummy too. =)

Mel said...

Simon: ohhh.. the macaron was absolutely awesome! :) hope to get to meet you in person other time.

Tambourine: yea i didn't try out the santas as well. so sad! thanks alot! glad that you like that. :)

Justin said...

i just saw a photo of this event on another blog... looks fun. the macaron tower is awesome. the other blog had photos of insect lollipops though, which totally freaked me out.

Mel said...

Justin: yes you are right on the fun part! it was really nice to meet other bloggers in town and especially the ones that i've been following. :) i read about the insect lollipops too, uummm.. luckily it was not me! haha!

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

The macaron tower was amazing wasn't it. So glad you could make it, and ps. the wontons were by John, not Peter :)

Mel said...

Helen: opsss... thanks for that! :)

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