Monday, December 6, 2010

Eastbank Cafe Bar Pizzeria..

Well the other day I was lucky enough to enjoy a dinner gathering with friends at Circular Quay, with the view of Harbour Bridge. Really nice view and the ambience there was just relaxing. We went to Eastbank Cafe Bar Pizzeria, it's a Modern Australian and Italian restaurant. 

Looking through the menu.

My friend ordered the seafood linguine, wrapped in paper and baked. Very fancy indeed.

The look inside. Wow, there was definately lots of ingredients, generous portion of seafood. Well the taste was really strong and fragrant, but  I think the linguine was slightly too soggy.

For me, I've ordered for the slow roasted duck breast, served with herb crepe stuffed with mushroom duxelle, sauteed wild mushrooms and a porcini cream. 

Yum! The duck breast was cooked perfectly, keeping the juicyness and tenderness of the duck meat. It went really well with the mushroom and the sauce. The portion was just nice for me.

We've also had the grilled black angus beef tenderloin with creamy mash potato, wilted spinach, confit field mushroom and truffle reduction. The beef was moist and tender. 

And another one, pizza on the specials menu. It was chicken, potato and herbs, if I'm not mistaken. The pizza base was thin and crispy. Awesome view, nice atmosphere, good company and good food. 

Ratings: 7/10
Address: 61-69 Macquarie Street, Sydney, NSW 2000


Joachim said...

Hey Melis, what a late post anyway, glad that you post it out! GOOD ONE!!! :D

Mel said...

hey Joachim, glad that you like the post. hope that you've enjoyed yourself in syd.

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