Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Laksa King..

I'm having lots of fun on the month of August. I've been catching up with a few Malaysians in Sydney and it reminded me of Laksa King in Melbourne. They just moved into a new shop located at 320 Racecourse Road, Flemington. Not so sure if this is the updated address. I'll check that out. Anyway it's a place to try out for some really authentic Malaysian food.

The legendary laksa. I'm actually not a huge fan of laksa. So I can't really tell if it's really that awesome. But the strong flavours just reminded of my hometown.

Believe me or not. My first time having assam laksa is at Laksa King. Haven't tried it before in Malaysia. So I think the assam laksa that I've tried there has really rich sweet and sour taste with pineapple, cucumber, fish, onion and other ingredients. There's alot going on at the same time in your mouth with just one bite.

I still prefer the fish head/fish fillet vermicelli soup. The soup is so mild and with the sourness of vegetable pickles and sweetness of tomato. The flavour is just awesome! I would say it has a generous portion of the fish fillet as well. And best of all, the price is average, less than $10 for a bowl of laksa. Overall, I'll give that 7.5/10.


Woo Hsian said...

Relocated to 12 Pin Oak Crescent Flemington as of 30 July. The picture of the shop looks very different. Become like big business already, apparently still as good haha.

Mel said...

Thanks alot WH for the information! I shall check it out if the flavours is still the same when I'm back. ^^

Anonymous said...

I have never been !! Melissa come back, we go again. haha :)


Mel said...

We'll make it in the "to-go" list..

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