Saturday, January 8, 2011

Tasmania Visit..

Woohoo! Jen and I went to Tassie for 4 days before New Year's and I had a superb trip, full-on photographing time there. Since my friend in Tassie knows that I'm a foodie, he had done a great job in finding some nice food for me to try out. But our schedule was kind of tight for the 4 days there, and we did camping for 2 nights, with no bathroom facilities on the first night on Bruny Island. Well you'll get the rough idea on our nature trip. Don't get me wrong, I did have a superb time enjoying the nature life around Tassie land. We were having hot pot inside our tent on the first night with the rain and cold weather. That was an awesome meal! We did miss out a few nice places that we wanted to try out, well I guess there's more reason for us to head back there again.

According to my friend, this is the best place for curry scallop pie. It's at Ross Village Bakery. It's on the way from Launceston to Hobart. It's a must stop place when you're driving pass that small town.

Nice weather to chill out at the outside of the cafe.

After touched down in Launceston for around one hour later, voila! I was having curry scallop pie for my breakfast, matched that with a cup of coffee. Ohh-la-la!  I was in the heaven. I love scallop to start with and the pastry was awesome.

Look at the creamy and fragrant creamed curry with perfectly cooked scallops in the pie. My heart just melted. mmm..

After arriving in Hobart to pick up another friend, we headed to Mako for lunch. I just got to know that Mures which is just opposite of Mako, is famous in Hobart! Didn't try that, so that's one reason for me to go back to Tassie. Trying to find some excuses to convince myself to go back to visit. :P

It's a small restaurant inside, just nice to stay easy and comfortable after all the travelling. We went straight to start our road trip ever since we've landed.

Look at those oysters! Time to have some feast. It wasn't the best fresh oysters I've tried so far, but I was happy with it. *slurps*

My friend ordered the prawn and scallops skewers with salad and chips.

Jen and I ordered the fish platter to share with all. There's fried fish of day, calamari, scallops, crumbed prawn cutlets, crab sticks, chips and salad. Fresh seafood and love the bread crumbed fish. On that night, it was hot pot! We had heaps of food, meatballs, fishballs, wontons, vermicelli, and eggs. It was yummy and comforting, considering that it was cold and raining. Thanks to our tour guide!

Up early to start out our next day's agenda, I was totally salivating when I saw all the pastries and pies at The Richmond Bakery. I was so greedy that I wanted to try them all. 

I was having a tough time to decide. Look at them! They look absolutely gorgeous.

Fresh breads for sale as well.

Well I ended up ordering a chicken camembert pie and a lemon tart while Jen was being greedy too and had curry scallop pie with black forest cake.

The chicken camembert pie was delicious. I'm a huge fan of pastries!

The mouth-watering black forest cake. It was nice and chocolatey with the cream and cherries. 

Lemon tart has the intense tangy lemon flavour with nice crumbly pastry crust. 

The insight of the curry scallop pie, oh yes! We did compare with the ones in Ross Village and I still think that the one in Ross Village was better, just my personal preference I guess.

What a nice place to relax and have a cup of coffee with a pie. Love every bits of it! 

This is an elephant themed cafe, Mount Elephant Pancakes Cafe at Elephant Pass Rd, Gray. It was nice to have some nice and warm food there, we were travelling in the car all day. When it comes to dessert, I got all excited and happy. There were quite a few little things of elephant around the cafe.

The berries pancake was full of ingredients inside, with strawberries, blueberries and raspberries which is in season at the moment. The pancake was thin, it felt like a crepe.

Chicken and mushroom pancake. 

In fact, I forgot what pancake is that. Well don't you think the pancakes looked like elephant nose? Cute isn't it? The pancakes are about $16 each. It's something like Pancake on The Rocks. 

Hope you enjoyed yourself reading this. I had an awesome time in Tassie and I have more to share, will leave that to another post. Have a great weekend peeps!


rc67 said...

now you're making me hungry and want to go get those curry pies again.... -.-

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Bruny Island! Scallop pie! Tasmania is high on my wish-list for travel - most for eating, of course!

chocolatesuze said...

argh so much delicious eats! i want a curry pie! and cake! and pancakes!

Simon @ the heart of food said...

I miss the scallop pies from Salamanca bakery, though the ones in this post look quite nice too!

I've been to Mures. Was nice but rather pricey.

Mel said...

Richard: you know that u can access to the pie anytime! go for it! :P

Helen: yes absolutely agree on the tassie trip in the list, there's alot to try out there.

Suze: the curry pie was absolutely delicious! getting hungry looking at them? same here too! haha!

Simon: that's another place to try out during my second visit there. that must be real good since you missed it so much!

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