Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year..

Welcome 2011! I have to say that I've been through alot in 2010, it was an exciting year with lots of new things and hope that there's many more this year. I've been writing here for a year with a total of 106 posts, time really flies. Hope that I'll get to try more food this year and you'll get to read more. Enjoy life and have a great year. Take care and thanks for all the supports from my readers, fellow bloggers and my dearest friends. Love you all and happy new year! A sneak peak of my Tassie trip. xoxo


Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Happy New Year Mel. 106 posts is an awesome achievement. Look forward to reading many more :)

Mel said...

Helen: happy new year to you!! yes more posts this year i hope. :) thanks for reading.

Simon @ the heart of food said...

Happy new year!

Can't wait to read about your Tassie trip.

They wouldn't happen to be pies from the Salamanca bakery, would they? The scallop pies there are to die for!

Anonymous said...

Happy new year Mel! hope you have a wonderful year full of eating! have been enjoying reading your posts :)

Mel said...

Simon: happy new year to you too! i'm getting pumped myself to write about my tassie trip. :) that was actually a photo taken at richmond bakery. didn't try on salamanca bakery but i've got to try somewhere else. stay tuned!

Gastronomous: hope you had lots of fun last year and more better ones this year! thanks for reading and let's eat more. haha!

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